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Working as part of the marine science team on the design, implementation, and data analysis for a long-term coral research project as part of the NASA NEEMO space analog mission program in the Aquarius Reef Base, the underwater research habitat in the world. Trained astronauts (NASA, ESA, JAXA) in coral nursery construction, ecological monitoring, and physiological measurement methods as well as coral tissue sampling and an immediate, underwater, in situ tissue preservation technique developed for the NEEMO missions.

Comparative transcriptomics of cnidarian insulin
I am using data mining of the SRA database, de novo transcriptome assembly, and phylogenetics to characterize the diversity of insulin-like peptides and their receptor in 131 species across the phylum Cnidaria. Using a RNAseq meta-analysis approach, I am further characterizing the transcriptomic response of the insulin signaling pathway to symbiosis and dysbiosisby examining gene expression changes in over 30 different comparative experiments.
Symbiodiniaceae genomics
The sequencing, de novo genome assembly, and comparative analysis of
  • Thermal tolerant Durusdinium trenchii
  • Free-living Effrenium voratum
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